Batching tasks is a smart idea, and scheduling social media ahead of time is one of those tasks.
Why would one choose to do this? Scheduling ahead of time saves loads of time and allows for a strategic plan to be implemented.
Here are some things to consider:


Say you have a business page or group, or even a fan page for your business. If you aren’t keeping up with the analytics, how do you know when the perfect time is to post your material?
It’s important to determine when and how people are seeing your content.
Analytics will show you where you are getting the most engagement from your posts and tweets. The most popular posts/tweets, the time of day they are most popular and who is looking at them can all be seen from your analytics.


The second reason you should schedule posts is so that you can develop a strategy based on what you learned about your analytics. Knowing that the best times to post on each platform puts you ahead of the game because you can plan your posts for those specific times to gain the most reach.
After all, getting the most sets of eyes on your posts and tweets is generally what it’s all about, right?

Fix it and forget it

Sharing other people’s content in addition to your own is encouraged and can eventually develop a sense of trust with those people whose content you’re sharing.
Having said this, each business should have or find a formula that works for them to generate the most engagement.
20/80 is the general rule of thumb. Maybe for you, it’s 30/70. Everyone has their own formula to follow, and it’s all about researching what’s best for you, tweaking and tracking results.
You will know your efforts are paying off when people are engaging with your posts, sharing and commenting.

There are many scheduling platforms that can help with your social media plan. I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Book a free consultation call and we’ll develop a plan that’s right for you.