There’s no denying that Covid has hit us all hard. As we stare at the probability of another lockdown, it’s possible that you may be feeling isolated and lonely.

It’s human nature to feel connected, even (or especially) during a period when we need to practice safe social distancing. Feeling connected is good for our mental health and our mood.

Here are three ways to feel connected with others:


Pick up the phone


Simply put, having a phone conversation with friends, family or colleagues can do wonders to boost your mood and feel connected again. Be sure to check in on others frequently, your call may make their day as well as your own.


Chat with the neighbours


It’s so important to get fresh air, even during the winter months. While you’re outside, say hello to your neighbours. Walk around the block and say hi to people you pass. A simple, “Good morning!” can put a smile on your face.


Organize a virtual coffee


Skip the coffee shop and organize an online meeting for you and your friends/family. With so many terrific options (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Facetime, Google Meet, Google Duo, etc.), you can easily set up a face-to-face call.

I recently set up a Zoom call with two of my friends for a virtual coffee date and it was so much fun to catch up.

If you’re missing family members at family dinners, arrange it so you’re having dinner at the same time while video conferencing.


Just because we need to be safely socially distanced doesn’t mean we should feel lonely or isolated. It’s so important to stay connected, especially during these hard times.

Stay safe. Chat often.


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