Remember Shazam? That was probably one of the most used apps before Siri and Alexa came onto the scene. I loved having the ability to hear a song and ask my phone what song it was.

Apps are handy, there’s no doubt about it. They make life easier and sometimes, depending on the app, more fun.

I’m sharing 5 apps that I can’t live without, and you shouldn’t either. They can┬áreally improve your day overall:

  1. Google Apps. Being a freelancer, I am always on the go, and sometimes I need access to my files on Google Drive, or Google Keep. Having these apps installed on my smartphone definitely makes things easier when I’m on the go. If a potential client wants to check out my terms and conditions, it’s at my fingertips, literally.
  1. Social media apps. Whatever platform is your favourite, it should be on your phone. You don’t need them all. Pick one or two and install them on your phone. If the power ever goes out, you can still post an update about it or share an image of your lunch ­čśë
  1. Whatsapp. This one is especially handy because, while I have a good phone plan, I’d rather not blow my budget on long-distance calls. Whatsapp is handy on the phone and on the desktop. My suggestion with this one though, make sure to toggle off the option to store chat images/files on your phone.
  1. OneNote. I use OneNote for shopping lists and family files, mostly. I can share them at a moment’s notice and have access to the same information I have at home after the app is synced. SUPER handy.
  1. Google Calendar. I mentioned Google Apps earlier but I often talk about productivity, especially in this post. Having my calendar always synced while on the go helps me to stay organized, and keeps me from accidentally double-booking appointments.

With today’s technology, it’s a relief to know that there are so many awesome productivity options out there to help us get organized and be more productive in our day.

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