Spelling comes easily to some and not to others.

I cringe every time I see something online written by someone who’s unsure of they’re, their and there. It’s a common slip-up. I believe that if you’re writing something to share publicly, it should be near-perfect. Does it really matter that much?

When you’re writing a blog post, or a resume, or even a newsletter, what you write is just as important as your grammar and spelling. The purpose of writing these publications is to showcase your professionalism. If your document or publication is full of errors, you won’t be perceived as professional or even taken seriously.

Spelling matters but what if this skill doesn’t come naturally? Or if English isn’t your first language? There are many free tools you can use to overcome this challenge. Here are a few of my favourites:


This tool comes in both paid and free versions. I use the free version myself because I have a thing with misplacing commas (hey, everyone has their faults!)

Grammarly is a free Google Chrome extension and it does its job automatically. Just type your material out in a browser window and Grammarly does the rest, by highlighting your errors and offering suggestions to fix. Sometimes, there are words we all use that it doesn’t recognize. Grammarly will allow you to add them to the dictionary. This is my favourite spellcheck tool!

The Hemingway App

The Hemingway App can be used to check grammar. It checks passive voice, adverb use, and sentence difficulty. The Hemingway App also points out sentences that should be simplified.

Slick Write Spellcheck

This is a very popular spellcheck tool used by professionals and firms. This free online tool will check your spelling and analyze your writing so that you can improve your skills. Check out Slick Write here.

Ginger Software

This beauty not only checks your spelling, but also the use of words like an, a and have. You can check out Ginger Spellcheck Software here.


SpellChecker offers a free Thesaurus, in addition to a spellchecker. Copy and paste your content into the free online browser and they help you spellcheck the English language and grammar.

Don’t have time to use these tools? No problem! Simply send your documents to me and I’ll check them for you!

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