Some people know how to let go of tasks, and others find it difficult. Combined with delegating tasks to a virtual assistant you either don’t know well, or have never met, it can be a tricky situation for anyone.

Here are some simple ways you can both be on the same page at the same time:

  • Be sure of what you’re delegating. Make notes about what results you’d like to achieve. My VA Delegation Worksheet is a great tool to get your ideas on paper.
  • Have a clear conversation about expectations. Don’t assume the other person understands what you’re asking, at least, not without having them repeat it back to you. As a team, you both will need to work together at being clear through email and telephone conversations. Clarify if needed and encourage your virtual assistant to ask questions. Lastly, make sure there is written communication that includes the deadline, duration of the project and all the details.
  • Ensure your goals are clear. It is imperative to communicate what the end result should look like. By sending how-to videos, sharing screens via Zoom, or sending examples of prior work. This will show your virtual assistant exactly what you’re looking for. This will make delegating more beneficial for both of you.
  • Don’t drop off the grid. Be available to your virtual assistant after the task has been delegated. Unforeseen problems and questions will inevitably come up, so make sure you’re available, especially if you have a tight deadline to meet.
  • Check and examine the results. Review the process from start to finish, together, and decide what went well, what didn’t and what needs to change for next time. This is important to both parties because you want to be happy with the work, and your virtual assistant wants to do a good job for you.

Easing into a work relationship with your virtual assistant can be much smoother if you both begin it with communication and clarity. This will allow confidence and growth for both parties, and your business will grow as a result.

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