Let’s talk marketing strategies. What are they and how can you harness the power they hold?

Pure and simple, marketing is putting yourself out there!

It’s writing blog articles, posting on social media, and doing Facebook (or Instagram) Lives. It’s showing your ideal clients who you are, how you can help, and how you’re different from all the rest!

Let’s dig in and look at 6 marketing strategies you can use for your business:


Offer value

Begin by offering a free coaching call. Seems backwards, right? But by offering a free call, you have an amazing opportunity to speak one-on-one with a potential client and show them what you’ve got to offer.

It doesn’t have to be a long call – 15-30 minutes will suffice, but the more value you offer during THIS call, the better, because it shows them what they’ll get by working with you.

At the end of the call, ask them: “How was this call?” If they’re happy with the call, ask if they’d like to continue working together.

-> Use a call-booking platform for your free coaching calls and place this link everywhere: your website, your social media bios and posts, in your newsletters. Advertise the heck out of it! (Not tech-savvy enough to do this part? I can help!)


Be where your ideal clients are

I talk about this in many of my blog posts. If your clients are on LinkedIn, that’s where you need to be. If they’re on Facebook… you guessed it, you need to be on Facebook. This is one of the simplest marketing strategies for your business.

Join niche groups and get in on the conversations. This helps build relationships, which is important because why? The “know, like, trust” factor. People work with people they know, like and trust.

This DOES require some time on your part, but it doesn’t have to take a LOT of time – just consistency.


Get your website on Google’s front page

Another great marketing strategy is to use keywords on your website – in your copy, your blog posts, etc.

Keywords should be phrases your ideal client is searching for on Google:

  • ‘how to find a health coach’
  • ‘best career coach’
  • ‘fitness coach in my area’

Google takes some time – so don’t expect immediate or overnight results. It can take a few months for your keyword work to pay off, but it definitely will if you’re doing it right.


Use Pinterest

You may not know this, but Pinterest is its OWN SEARCH ENGINE. Technically, I suppose all social media is, but Pinterest is more powerful, in my humble opinion. In fact, I get more clients from Pinterest than I do from Facebook or Instagram.

When you pin something on Pinterest, it floats around for a very long time, making this one of the most awesome marketing strategies. Pin your blog articles and get a bunch of CTA (calls to action) out there, and I promise, soon enough, when you ask a new client how they heard about you, you’ll hear “Pinterest, actually!”.


Use a social media scheduler

This is something else I absolutely swear by – and for good reason.

The more evergreen content you have going out automatically, the less time you have to spend on putting content out there, and the more time you have to be interacting with your ideal clients in the groups I mentioned earlier.

I highly recommend SmarterQueue for this, and you can get a FREE double-length trial period by clicking on my affiliate link. Read more about why I like it so much by clicking here to read this short blog post.


Ask for referrals

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get new clients – so I definitely consider this to be one of the top marketing strategies.

I know a lot of people are a bit uncomfortable doing this (I was at first, as well!) but if you don’t ask, you might not get one. People are busy and they forget – no matter how great working with you was! Give them a gentle nudge:

I’m thrilled that you “got the results they anticipated from working with you”.

If you know of anyone in your network who might benefit from similar results, would you mind passing my name along?


I help my clients with a lot of these tasks, and I’d be thrilled to help you as well. Let’s chat! Book a free consultation call.