I often share many positive reasons for hiring a virtual assistant. The most obvious reasons are to save time and money.

I’m mentioning them once more, and sharing some other reasons that maybe you haven’t considered:

Saving Time

Not only do you not have to do the work yourself, but think about the breaks and lunch hours you won’t have to pay for. A virtual admin support staffer only gets paid for the time they spend on the work. This saves you not just money, but also time.

Saving Money

As mentioned in previous posts, you can save a lot of money by hiring a freelance virtual admin. You won’t pay for office furniture, office space or equipment. You also won’t have to worry about benefits. And, you won’t pay for health insurance, deductions or vacation pay. You’ll also save money on software and training in some cases. Especially if your admin assistant already has it and knows how to use it.

No Commute

Freelance virtual assistants don’t commute, so traffic accidents or vehicle breakdowns are impossible. Also, there’s no construction work to slow your support staff down.

Virtual Admin Staff Have Resources

Online admin assistants have colleagues to turn to for project or software guidance. Having someone to fall back on for advice is invaluable.

My VA tribe is invaluable, and I often turn to them when I have questions. Usually, I can get an answer and be on my way in no time.

This is also helpful for business owners who have a one-off task, and their VA doesn’t do that type of work. The VA can set you up with someone trustworthy who specializes in that particular task.


The majority of online assistants have a contract in place with confidentiality agreements. Your information will stay confidential and never be shared with anyone else.

Understanding the Business of Business

Freelance support staff are business owners themselves and can appreciate the bigger picture. An employee is paid to do what they’re told. A virtual assistant understands the task from a business point of view. This big difference makes them an important member of your team.


The virtual office staff has set working hours, but time conflicts won’t happen. Simply give them the work with a deadline, and be on your way. Of course, the benefit for virtual staff is the flexibility of working around their families, however, there is no concern that the work will not be completed.

In conclusion, you can see how beneficial it can be to hire a virtual admin to help you with your business. Saving time and money are only the beginning of a great working relationship.

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