Most of us, at some point, have heard of the term “repurpose content“. It sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? “You mean I only have to do the work ONCE and then just recycle it?” – you may think excitedly. Can it be that simple?

Yes and no – the bulk of the work is done first. And the starting point is usually a blog post or a newsletter you’ve written. It’s the extensive work you’ve done by putting most of your thought and research into. Once it’s been edited, proofread and polished, that’s when it’s sent out to be adored and remembered by all.

If only!

In reality, there is more you can do to guarantee your content will be seen and remembered, and it’s by repurposing it. Here are some ways you can do that:


Design social media posts

If you’ve written a long piece of content, chances are, it’s full of tips, helpful hints and useful information. That means you should have the ability to break it up into at LEAST 5 social media posts. Each post should have a CTA (call to action) telling your reader to check out the full post back on your website, or where they can read the newsletter (with a link, of course). This is usually the easiest way to repurpose content.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to put all five of these posts out at the same time! You’ll want to spread them out over at least a month. A good rule of thumb is to share a post the same day your content is published, and once a week thereafter.

You can choose to use the same image for each post, or create additional images and cycle through those the same way you’re cycling through the captions.

Be sure to use relevant hashtags and a few relevant emojis.


Create a carousel

Maybe you use Instagram as one of your platforms (remembering to be where your ideal clients are). If so, a carousel is a great way to get a lot of information into one, singular post.

A carousel is a series of images that the audience can swipe through, and Canva is a great way to accomplish this.

An example would be: you have 5 important tips that your audience shouldn’t be without. Create 7 ‘slides’ – an eye-catching intro slide, then 5 slides with your various tips. Lastly, a CTA with contact information on the last slide. Always remember to tell your audience what you’d like them to do next.

If you choose to create a carousel, note that numbers work well here. Also, it’s not always blatantly obvious to people that they need to swipe, so be sure to include the word ‘swipe‘ with an arrow.


Share it as an article on LinkedIn

If you’re on LinkedIn, you’re probably already familiar with creating articles.

There are two ways you can repurpose content here, and the first one can be hit or miss, so choose carefully!

One, you can share the first portion of your content, and include a link at the bottom to tell the reader where they can read the rest (this would be a link to your blog post or the public version of your newsletter).

This may not work all the time because people aren’t motivated enough or are simply too busy to click that link.

The second way you could approach it is to just include the content in its entirety. Still link back to your blog post or newsletter article, for sure, but this way you’re not playing hide-and-seek with your audience.


Design infographics

This is a fantastic way to present a lot of information in a small but eye-catching way. It’s also great for Pinterest because infographics are usually tall images, which are ideal for that platform.

If you’ve never created an infographic to repurpose content, there are many awesome templates on Canva. You can change out the colours to match your brand, and add/delete elements as you go, swapping the text with information from your blog/newsletter.


Create video content

I’ve talked about Lumen5 before. It can be perfect for video creation, especially if you’re a bit camera-shy (like me, lol!)

With both free and paid plans, it’s a great way to take the most important information and make it into video content that you can then share on all your social media channels (and store on YouTube, as well).


Produce audio content

I must admit, I don’t work with it, but there is an audio recording feature within Canva that you can use to record yourself speaking. You would just record yourself reading your content aloud, and add some interesting images and/or some light music (if you wish).

A client of mine uses Canva to record meditations, which she then sends out to her audience!


Transform similar content into an e-book

If you have a blog or newsletter series that you’re working with, another idea is to take all of that and combine it into an e-book.

E-books are simple to make, again, using Canva, and make for great digital gifts or lead magnets (think newsletter opt-ins!).

You could even go a step further and self-publish on Amazon if you want to.


Or a PDF

In a similar fashion, if you don’t want to create an actual e-book, you could just create a PDF (which, by the way, can also be used as a free gift or lead magnet).

There you have it: 8 ways to repurpose content!

Love the idea of repurposing your stuff but are not keen on spending the time doing it? Let’s talk about how I can help you with that! Book a free consultation call with me.