When I think back to my early days in business for myself, I was always worrying about something, nervous about approaching new people, and terrified of those consultation calls.

I have grown so much as a business owner and I’m so proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. I know that my future is bright and full of great clients and amazing work.

But what is it REALLY like to be a virtual assistant?

  • Some people think virtual assistants sleep in until noon (if we’re childless, that is – if we have children, we obviously either go back to bed or hit the local Starbucks on the way to Pilates. Duh.).
  • Others think we’re in PJs all day long. (I admit, through the winter months, this is my preference!)
  • Some think virtual assistants don’t shower.
  • Friends and family think we’re watching soap operas all day, or catching up on gossip magazines.

While all of those options sound amazing, I can tell you, being a virtual assistant is not like that at all.

Here’s what my life looks like, behind-the-scenes:

  • Get up at 6(ish) a.m., turn on my computer and drag my husband for our daily walk
  • Shower
  • See the kids and the husband off for the day
  • Make my bulletproof coffee (I’m doing the keto thing!)
  • I check in on LinkedIn, liking and commenting on interesting posts – 10 minutes max
  • Then, Facebook. As an FB group moderator, I pop into the group I help with and interact and check for rule-breaks. Then I check any Pages I’m managing, before having a quick glance at my own feed
  • I check my Twitter business account briefly and skim through posts made by my clients. I have them added to a list so it’s easy for me to find their tweets.
  • After social media is caught up, I open Gmail and check for any work requests or info I’m needed to act on. I prioritize these tasks and make a list accordingly, being careful to note any deadlines
  • I pop into SmarterQueue and check posts for the upcoming week, making sure that wording is correct and that pictures and links are attached as they should be. I’m also checking for any warnings or errors

Then it’s usually lunchtime!

  • I usually have one or two blog posts in my inbox, in Word format, which need to be copied and pasted into a WordPress blog. I format the images that were sent with them, and pop them into the blog post. Then I make sure the post has tags, keywords and is SEO optimized before scheduling it
  • If there are any speaking engagements coming up for my clients, I add them to the social media rotation, and pop into their Twitter accounts to pin them to the top of their profile
  • I may or may not have a lengthy article that’s been translated from another language that needs proofreading and/or formatting
  • At the beginning of the month, I usually have some online research to do for finding relevant articles to share over client’s social media, and then it’s the fun part: creating/finding images for their social media profiles. This part allows me to be creative and artsy, something that I love!

I try to get the majority of my detail-oriented work completed in the morning. The reason is that I find that’s the time of day when I’m most focused.

Wrapping up the day, week and month

Afternoons are for easier tasks, conference calls via Zoom or client consultations.

Fridays, I reserve the last hour of the day for my invoicing tasks and review the calendar for the following week. Important things get added to the calendar as the requests come in.

If it’s near the end of the month, I invoice my retainer clients. I also block out two hours and spend them researching interesting articles to go into my own social media rotation.

From online research to creating beautiful social media images for my clients, let it be known that being a virtual assistant has so many benefits.

It’s truly awesome and I’m proud to say I’m a VA.

If you’re interested in becoming a VA as well, check out this post, it will help you get started.

I’d love to work together! Book a free consultation call with me and let’s move your business forward.