When I began my VA career, I assumed I’d be working with clients’ social media, website/blog and newsletters, and I was not disappointed. I worked with all of those aspects and more.

I can safely say that in my career as a virtual assistant, I’ve not only been blessed with clients I love to work with, but also tasks that I thoroughly enjoy. But going above and beyond even that, I’ve been lucky to continue learning as I go, too.

It’s important to me to continue learning in my career because I can use the knowledge I’m gaining to better help even MORE clients. Here are a few things I didn’t know how to do when I started:


I had no idea what a summit was, or how to help host one

In December of 2020, a client of mine was at her wits’ end because her virtual assistant, who had promised to help her with an online summit event, backed out and left her hanging just a couple of days before things were to kick off.

While that situation is awful all on its own, enter me, who’s never worked on something like this ever before. Not only was this client brand new to me, but figuring out how to work around a five-hour time difference while being supportive in any way I could possibly be was all I could do.

Once this event concluded (seamlessly, I might add!), this new client was thrilled with how I had jumped in and gotten things taken care of – and is still my client today.

I have gone on to research potential speakers for her events, and have even reached out directly to those speakers to invite their participation. I’ve helped with email marketing, sign-up registration forms and even some video editing.

And I help other clients with this knowledge, too.



While I love to entertain, I’d never worked with any event planners

I love setting up events – it’s the admin in me, I’m sure. From parties to BBQs to camping trips and more, I consider myself to be quite good at event planning – despite the fact that the weather almost never cooperates for my outdoor events.

Then I began working with another virtual assistant – what struck me the most right from the beginning is how similar our tastes are, despite living so far away from one another (another 5-hour time difference!).

So, when she approached me this year about starting an event-planning business, this was once again, brand new territory for me. How did I help?

A lot of the initial work involved research – to find out what was available in her immediate area, what radius was serviced by other event planners in her area, and what they were offering. She struck gold because here in the GTA, event igloos are just not as popular as they are in the UK! She was able to secure a business and I’ve been supporting her ever since, in many various areas, including design aspects, idea generation and of course, a sounding board.


All of this is to say that where there’s a will, there’s a way and virtual assistants are pretty versatile!


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