You can afford anything you want if you put your mind to it and find ways of achieving your particular goal.

Imagine that your car is on the fritz. Either you’re shelling out for repairs, or you’re buying a new car. Either way, you need to invest the money into a vehicle or take the bus.

The same is true for any situation in life. If you wait to have kids “until you can afford it”, you’ll never have them. The trick is to MAKE it happen.

Hiring a virtual assistant is key for your business if:

  • Your to-do list is constantly expanding, but the number of hours in your day are not
  • No time to generate new business because of the admin you’re doing yourself
  • Your newest business ideas are all shelved because, again, not enough time

It’s a numbers game. Time spent on doing admin for your business is time lost because you aren’t using it to generate income. Those hours aren’t billable!

Let’s walk through this together:

We all value our time, so grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down your hourly worth. Let’s assume you wrote down $100. If you are completing social media tasks or administration for 4 hours, that’s $400, gone. Poof. You aren’t billing clients for that time so it’s lost time.

Let’s say it takes a virtual assistant 2 hours to complete those same tasks, and they charge $20/hour. You’ve just invested a mere $40 into your business, WHILE billing clients for those four hours ($400) or generating new leads.

Broken down:

Your hourly worth: $______

Time spent doing tasks you could outsource: _______hrs

Your hourly worth $______ X ______hrs (time spent on non-billable tasks) = $_______

This is how much you could be making if you spent the time on administration and whatnot if you used that time to bill your clients or generate new business.

You could be spending that precious time on income-generation instead, such as:

  • Follow-up calls from meetings or past clients
  • Scheduling workshops or engagements
  • Asking for referrals
  • Calling leads
  • Networking
  • Launching a new product
  • Consultations

This is the bread and butter of your business. These tasks are what brings home the bacon for you, not sitting at a computer, doing data entry or tweeting about your latest blog post (that probably used up at least another hour of your day).

Next Steps

We almost have the math figured out… check out this cost comparison between hiring an employee and hiring a virtual assistant.

Often, the busiest people either don’t know how to let go of their tasks or even what tasks they should let go of. I’m here to help you.

Here’s a free worksheet to help you with deciding what to outsource.

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