CTAs, or calls-to-action, are important for any business owner, but what happens if you aren’t using them often enough, or (oops) at all?

A wise woman once told a Facebook group I’m in that if you want action, you need to TELL your visitors what you want them to do next.

It’s such a simple thought, isn’t it? Yet, very, very true.

So when a visitor is on your website or your Facebook page, are your CTAs clear and strong? Or are you giving mixed messages? Here are 10 great CTA examples you can implement:

Sign up or Sign up for Free

This works great for your email marketing. With GDPR, it’s very important that you are receiving explicit consent from people to join your mailing list.

Get Started

Have a membership area on your site? This CTA is a simple, yet gentle invitation to your visitor. It’s really asking your visitor what they’re waiting for. In a nice way.

Start Your Free Trial

If membership packages are your thing, often the best way to hook someone is to let them try it for free for 30 days (or two weeks, it’s up to you). If your service or product is fabulous, then chances are, they’re going to want to continue after the trial.

Our Work

Nothing speaks louder than examples of your work, and this is usually paired with strong testimonials. There’s really no better proof available if you want to convince someone that you’re the best.

What We Do

Similar to “Our Work”, What We Do is just as effective because you’re telling people what you do (not necessarily HOW you do it, don’t’ give those secrets away!).

Let’s Work Together

It has a lovely friendly ring to it, doesn’t it? It suggests that you and your visitor are a team already. Gentle but also very effective.

Find Out More

Sometimes, descriptions of services or products can be lengthy. Sometimes, you want to give your visitor a glimpse of this information as a teaser. The key here is to spark enough interest to get them to click that button to, indeed, find out more.

Grab The Template!

Having a useful, free template is a great idea. If you can offer something fantastic for free, your visitors will have a general idea of what the rest of your services/products are like.


Another case of simple, yet effective. If you’re offering great information on your website, it’s fair to assume you would offer more in a newsletter.

Reserve Your Seat

Do you offer webinars or online conferences? This CTA’s for you! An added bonus is including a countdown, as it pushed people to act sooner, rather than later.

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