It’s not uncommon to hear tales of woe from clients who’ve had less than stellar experiences about working with a virtual assistant. The sentiment of “All the other VAs I’ve worked with have been awful” is, in many ways, the client’s equivalent of, “All my exes are crazy!” There’s a shared frustration, a sense of being burned, and a reluctance to dive back into the same pool.

The horror stories often include poor communication, missed deadlines, ghosting, unfulfilled promises, and the dreaded scenario of paying for services that were never delivered. It’s no wonder that some individuals approach the idea of outsourcing to a virtual assistant with a healthy dose of skepticism.


It’s not the ‘norm’

However, it’s important to recognize that while these negative experiences tarnish the reputation of virtual assistants as a whole, they represent the exception, not the norm. Not all VAs are created equal, and many of us take immense pride in our work ethic, strong moral compass, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.


It’s about good work ethics

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful collaboration, and virtual assistants who excel in their roles prioritize keeping clients in the loop. Deadlines are not mere suggestions but sacred commitments, and we understand the value of delivering quality work on time. We are invested in the success of the clients we work with, going above and beyond to ensure their goals are not just met but exceeded.

If you’ve heard some of the same virtual assistant horror stories yourself, it’s essential not to paint all VAs with the same brush. The reality is that a vast majority of us are professionals who bring a wealth of skills, dedication, and genuine care to the table.


Good VAs are out here (hi!)

So, if you’re considering building a virtual team but have reservations due to past experiences, don’t let a few bad apples spoil the bunch. There are reliable, committed virtual assistants out there who can (and do!) deliver exceptional results. The key is finding the right match, someone who shares your values and is as dedicated to your success as you are.

In conclusion, the tales of troublesome virtual assistants may be out there, but they are far from the whole story. Embrace the potential of working with a skilled and reliable VA, and watch how your business thrives with the right support.

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