Congrats! You just published a blog post.

Maybe the words flowed free from your fingertips.

Maybe it took you HOURS to put what was in your mind, online.

In the end, it doesn’t matter because now it’s out there. Yay!

Wait a second. Oh no.

You just spotted an error. If only you had an extra pair of eyes that could proofread it for you.

Ugh… Yoast is telling you that 23.8% of your post contains a passive voice. What the heck is a “passive voice” anyway?

Speaking of Yoast, is your post SEO optimized? Did you make those two “lights” turn green before hitting publish?

Did that error just get sent to your entire email list, or did you choose “snippet” for your email previews?

It could be you forgot to edit the blog title or add a picture.

Is your site responsive? Will your post look as awesome on a phone as it would on a tablet? As it would on a laptop?

Maybe you’ve sent the post out and remembered three days later to share it on a social media site. Easy fix, there’s always a way to fix anything, but what if you didn’t have to always go back to fix things?

What if there was an awesome, handy blog checklist you could refer to before you published your posts?

Ask and ye will receive.

From now on, you can publish your posts, knowing that you won’t miss any important steps.

My handy checklist can help you reduce any errors in your blog posts. Download it here.

Enjoy, and happy writing!

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