Ahhh, Pinterest. How do we love thee? Let me count the ways.


We see all the gorgeous outfits and mouth-watering meals that are magazine-worthy. All the hair tutorials and book suggestions. We also see all the how-tos and DIYs, and let’s not forget all the beautiful homes we wish were ours.

Pinterest is FULL of inspiration, there’s no doubt about that. But if you’re thinking that it’s  a social media platform, you would, unfortunately, be wrong.


Pinterest is actually a powerful search engine.

Think about it: if you have certain ingredients on hand, and you’re out of ideas on what to make for dinner, Pinterest is the perfect place to look for ideas, just pop in a couple of your ingredients and away you go. Crack chicken recipes galore.

Perhaps you’re looking for ideas on how to make your home greener, more sustainable. Or fashion ideas for the upcoming season. Or holidays ideas. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you want.


Mixing Business with Pinterest

I was recently given the opportunity to take a Pinterest marketing course, and of course, I welcome the chance to learn new things. I learned so much about using this platform and how it can be applied to business.

Did you know:

  • Blog posts, calls-to-action and free downloads can be pinned by potential customers
  • Keywords help your potential customers find your product or services, both inside and outside of Pinterest
  • Your products/services are a solution to a problem, which is what people are looking for


While using Pinterest for your business won’t necessarily guarantee a quick-return, pinning your original content on a regular basis will familiarize your potential customers with your brand. Sometimes, slow and steady wins the race.

The downside is that Pinterest is not always successful for everyone. Two businesses that offer that same products or services could yield completely different results. However, checking analytics on a regular, monthly basis will let you know if it’s working for your business or not.

I get most of my website traffic from Pinterest. Let’s see if it will work for you. Book a free consultation call with me and let’s talk!