Client Challenge: Social Media Profile-Building

November 2016 – January 2017

This client was a published author and well-established businessman in the food and spice supply industry. His published book was not in relation to his industry.

He was struggling with visibility for his book and was looking to get more eyes on it. This, in turn, would hopefully boost sales. It would also pave the way for the second book he was writing, during our time working together.

We met for a consultation. I explained that in order to gain visibility, he needed a social media presence. By building on this, his name would be better associated with his books. The client agreed it would be a good place to start.

We decided to build and expand his following on Facebook and LinkedIn. I researched his profiles before the meeting and knew they could use some help. It was important for him to build up a professional following on LinkedIn, and to showcase his book with a Facebook page specifically geared to it.

The client faxed me several pages of business cards he’d collected through the years. I entered each name into a spreadsheet that I shared with him and then attempted to find and connect with those individuals on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I knew that if potential connections saw a complete profile, they’d more readily accept his connection requests. Obtaining his education and work history helped round out his profile and complete it.


As a result, in two months, this client’s connections (and visibility) were increased by 526%. The client presently possesses a glowing LinkedIn profile page. His Facebook page also saw an increase in numbers and engagement.

I was responsible for scheduling social media posts about the client’s book. I shared several scanned photos, documents and various web-articles that supported it. In doing so, both reach and page views went up.

I felt that this working relationship was a very successful one. I made good on my promises to build his social media presence, and he was very happy with the results.

Quote from client: “Excellent… great work.”

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