Part of my awesome job is to help coaches with their admin and social media. It’s “work” that I love to do.

Specifically, part of my job is to curate blog articles authored by others, to share on my client’s behalf. This is in addition to setting up her monthly newsletter. Probably the biggest chunk of time, though, is spent on creating/resizing images for my client’s social media, in the form of inspirational or motivational quotes and holidays.

The Problem With Emails

Emails had been going back and forth constantly, not helping with clarity at all. I could see that things were not improving as much as we would have liked by our use of Trello. My client was booked solid with her own clients and understandably, had as much time to check Trello as she did to check emails: almost none.

After turning the problem over and over in my mind, I knew there had to be a way to simplify this situation so that my client could do her job without the constant need to check emails. An idea started to take form in my mind.

The Idea

Knowing the monthly tasks ahead of time was beneficial, but sometimes I needed some feedback or approval before I could complete the tasks. Looking at the calendar, I penciled in the dates that tasks need to be completed by, and planned a buffer, or a chunk of time, to allow for corrections, changes or edits, as needed. Planning this buffer of time still allowed for final approval checks and final scheduling.

I slept on the idea for a couple of days, knowing it would really cut back on the back-and-forth we were experiencing.

I finally proposed the idea, then I put the plan into motion beginning the following month.

In the first week and a half of the month, I planned out everything to do with my client’s social media. I created original Instagram images, and inserted them into a Google doc and bookmarked the link. I resized/created images for other platforms and uploaded them to Trello to be checked when time allowed. Then I worked on curating blog articles to be shared over social media and put them into a Google spreadsheet. I bookmarked that too. I also began the monthly newsletter.

The End Game

Finally, when everything was complete (because planning it is only half of the job, scheduling it is the other half), I included every link pertaining to her social media plan for the next month in one email. I even included the link to the draft newsletter. Everything was there in a single email. Easy peasy.

What a huge difference this made in our communication. The heavens opened. The angels sang. It was beautiful!

My client’s social media was scheduled in plenty of time, after only a couple of small edits. More importantly, with zero gaps in her social media.

The success of this system is obvious, and I’ll be using this template for other clients going forward.

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