How to Build a Virtual Team Relationship

How to Build a Virtual Team Relationship

When you compare in-person work relationships and virtual work relationships, the two can be vastly different.

In a virtual work relationship, there is an even higher need for clear communication, and sometimes, some back-and-forth needs to happen before reaching the end result.

So how can we make these relationship work better for everyone? Here are a few ideas: (more…)

I’ve Been a VA for Years, I Just Didn’t Know It

I’ve Been a VA for Years, I Just Didn’t Know It

As I write this post, I’m approaching my third business birthday as a VA.

I left my steady job (with benefits, vacation time and paid breaks) and walked out into the unknown with excitement (and fear) in the pit of my stomach.

As this time of year rolls around, I always look back at where I was and how far I’ve come. The funny thing is, I’ve actually been a VA for much longer, I just didn’t know it. (more…)

Planning Your Business Social Media

Planning Your Business Social Media

One major task I relieve my clients of is planning and scheduling their social media. I do this a month in advance, generally, and my clients can approve or deny anything in the plan well ahead of time.

I talk a little about this in another post, which you can find here.

But you might be wondering, “What types of content go into a general social media plan?” This is an excellent question, one that is asked often, too. In this post, I’ll answer that question. (more…)

What is ‘Google Takeout’?

What is ‘Google Takeout’?

Backups are essential.
If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a huge Google fan. I mean, there’s just so much you can do with Google… it can literally organize your life! And for me, it has.

But you might worry about how secure Google might be. Let’s face it, if you’re depending on Google for storage of anything that’s important, the last thing you want is to have security issues.


My Most Requested Services

My Most Requested Services

Maybe you’re overwhelmed and you need help. You keep hearing about virtual assistants and think, “Hey, maybe this will help me cross some things of my to-do list!”.

So, you either ask around in your network for some recommendations, or you Google VAs in your area, or maybe you even track them down on LinkedIn. If all goes well, you sign the contract and start to tackle that to-do list together!

Things are looking up! You’re finally going to get stuff done! You sign the contract, discuss the initial task list, and everything is off to a great start.

Maybe a little while later, your attention is needed elsewhere, or you’re focused on a project that requires much of your time, or you can’t think of anything off the top of your head to delegate.

There is nearly always something you can delegate to a virtual assistant 🙂

Here’s what many of my clients ask me to do:

Social media images

It could be inspirational/motivational quotes. Or it could be industry tips. And almost always, my clients want to acknowledge the holidays or special days of the year. Creating social media images is something that I not only love to do, but my clients are very happy with my work.

General Research

Whether it’s to find out how to do something, where things can be found or curating articles to share via social media, research is key to any business owner. Many of my clients don’t have sufficient time to do this themselves.

Writing/Formatting Blog Posts

Publishing a blog post on a regular basis is crucial for SEO. Regular social media posts and publishing regular blog posts go a long way in boosting your SEO results.


As you can see from this post, this is also one of my services. Most of my clients like a monthly newsletter. If they don’t already have an email marketing platform they’re working with, I help with setting up the account, mailing list and the layout of the newsletter. I never publish a newsletter without final approval.

Social media scheduling

One of the most requested services I offer. I recommend using a spreadsheet to plan out content, one month at a time. A good social media scheduler is important, and I can give you my recommendations. Scheduling includes sharing quotes, articles authored by others, your own blog posts, video content (yours or someone else’s if relevant).

Don’t forget to let your audience know you’re on another platform, too. A Facebook post can let them know you’re also on Twitter or LinkedIn!

And did you know, it’s a great idea to share your newsletter to social media post as well?

I know first-hand that these services make a big difference in your marketing and exposure.

If any of these areas are on your to-do list, book a free consultation call with me and let’s talk about it.

Create More Google Drive Storage Space

Create More Google Drive Storage Space

 A little while ago, my husband and I wandered into Best Buy. My laptop is still functioning well but is clearly on its way out.

We scoped out possible replacements and I really liked how small the Chromebook was. If I decided to purchase one in the future, I’d be using Google Drive as my hard drive.

Then I got to thinking about this blog post I wrote. I’ve been steadily seeing my file space on Google Drive grow since I got it down to 2G. I didn’t understand why this was happening. I regularly go through my files and delete unnecessary ones.

After some research, I not only found out what the issue was, I ended up with less than a gig of used space! How awesome!

If you use Google Drive for anything, here’s how to find out where all your space is being used:

Storage Summary

Just like with your smartphone, you can’t solve any space issues if you don’t know what is taking up all your space.

Visit and get an in-depth look at where your space is being used.

Large File Storage

Now that you know WHERE your space is being used, it’s time to hone in on the culprits! What files are taking up the most space, and do you still need them?

You can check here:

This will show you a comprehensive list of your largest files, in descending order, which you can right-click on and select ‘Remove’ from the menu.

Be sure you don’t need the files for anything before you select ‘Remove’. You will get one last opportunity to review these files in your Trash bin, which you should empty on a regular basis as well. If there is a file there that you change your mind about, right-click and select ‘Restore’. It will return to where it was originally stored.


If you’re storing your photos on Google Drive, you may want to reconsider.

Those photos count against your storage space, whereas if you upload your photos to Google Photos, they do NOT take up any space on Drive.

Use Google Formats

I didn’t know this, but if you are using Google formats for your files, they take up zero space on your Drive. However, if you are uploading Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint files, they will.

By comparison, Google Documents, Sheets and Slides do not take up space.

There is an option to change this setting. After switching this option on, anything uploaded to Drive will automatically be changed to a Google format. To do this, visit, and click on Settings (the little gear icon) and select ‘Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format’. Click done.

While these tips really help, it’s important to schedule a time each month to review and cull your files, anywhere you have them stored.

Bonus Tip – Use Google Takeout to backup your data:

Google Takeout - Denise Riches | VA

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