Denise has been an absolute blessing in my business! I am so happy I found her! She is clear, takes initiative to help me step up my marketing consistently. She is skilled at creating images for my marketing with little to no instruction and has been creating an impact and increasing traffic to my website through Pinterest. She is so organized and efficient that I can totally let go and depend on her to get it done and keep things running smoothly. Exactly what I need as I delegate! Highly, highly recommend Denise! I am looking forward to all the ways she continues to exceed my expectation!

Tracy Gaudet

Soul Alchemist

Denise has supported my business with her planning and research skills, image editing, and proficient attention to detail. She genuinely cares about creating organizational systems to simplify my busy life. With her business smarts and friendly updates regularly scheduled, Denise is an inspiring pleasure to work with.

Brenda C. Smith

Author, Speaking Coach, Voice Power Training Services

Her creative skills are responsible for my image posts on social media. Denise’s open communication has made it easy to work virtually. She is flexible, works efficiently and completes all work on time. I have referred her to colleagues and have heard the same feedback. Hire Denise, you will save time and have the confidence your work with be completed with a high standard.

Cynthia Howard, RN, CNC, PhD

Executive Coach, WorkSmart Club

Denise’s knowledge, dedication, and versatility provide the foundation of an ideal partnership. She is meticulously organized and detail oriented in everything she does. Quick thinking allows Denise to easily navigate solutions for any situation. She is technologically savvy and highly skilled using a variety of social media platforms. Undoubtedly, the consummate professional virtual assistant.

Melissa Smith, OCT


She is a wonderful asset for my business and saves me time and money. As a busy entrepreneur, I rely on Denise as a great part of my support team. I chose to work with her as she has the technical skills that I need.

Cheryl Strickland

Coach, Wellness By Cheryl

Denise keeps me on track without being pushy. And explains things to me in a way this novice can understand, not to mention how patient she is with me! I would highly recommend Denise. She is my social media angel!

Wendy Warman, M.S.

Speaking Coach, SmarTalkers

Denise possesses all the attributes you’re looking for in an administrative role: she’s punctual, efficient and cooperative – and she does it all with a smile on her face! She’s also extremely resourceful – rather than tell you she can’t do something, she’ll track down the resources to make it happen.  She has developed the skills and acquired the knowledge to ensure the highest level of competence, time management, confidentiality, and effective operations.

Keyne McRae, Hons. BBA

Hercules SLR

Denise has been helping me with my small translation business. I appreciate how efficiently she works and communicates. She is very attentive to deadlines and remains flexible at all times to accommodate new tasks. I would definitely recommend her services!

Blandine Proust

Translator, Proust Translations

I am thrilled with her professionalism, responsiveness, and productivity. She is highly productive, creative and a pleasure to work with. Thank you, Denise!

Corry Robertson, PCC

Executive Coach, Alive From 9 to 5

Ms. Riches provides considerate, professional editorial services with quick turn around time. I highly recommend her.

Mary Hill

Social Media Influencer at BlogHer

She provided meetings that were convenient for me, in person or via the internet. Denise initiated, serviced, provided, and created success for my business. She’s a professional. I feel 100% supported and successful with Denise as my virtual assistant partner.

Gina Puzzo


Running an online successful business takes strategy and time, Denise goes above and beyond what’s necessary and genuinely cares about my business results. I highly recommend Denise as a valuable asset to team up with!

Shanon Bednar

Life Coach, Shanon Dawn Coaching