One of my favourite tasks, and, most important, is to create images for my clients’ social media posts.

Did you know that posts accompanied by an image are TEN TIMES more likely to garner a response from your audience?

Humans are visual creatures by nature, and we respond more readily to images. Images are everywhere, and you’ll see them in magazines, television, online and in books (didn’t we all enjoy books more when they had pictures in them???).


Images draw the eye in

Clever images hook us. This ‘hooking’ is extremely important because our attention spans last less than 9 seconds (less than a goldfish – think about that…).

The more creative the image, the more likely the engagement from your audience, so it really pays to put some thought into your target audience. Throwing them a little off-guard will intrigue them to click through to your website – which is exactly where you want them, most of the time!

So, whether you’re choosing images (or having your trusty VA create them for you), you want to make sure they’re going to catch someone’s attention. Branded images are even better – and this is a service I offer.

Don’t forget about holidays and special days of the year, either. Just as it’s important to share your product or service, it’s also important to send a gentle message that you’re there. Prove to your audience that you don’t always want something from them.

So, your text posts wishing someone a “Happy Spring” won’t go unnoticed. However, adding an image will make your post stand out – and that, my friends, is exactly what you want.

If you’d like images custom-made for you, book a free consultation call with me and let’s talk about it.