Many of my clients need social media support. With everything else they need to do in their businesses, it just makes sense to delegate this to someone. Here’s how outsourcing that task can improve your work/life balance.

Only a couple of hours a week are needed to stay on top of your social media, but it shouldn’t cut into your personal time. Time with your family and friends is precious and should be treated as such. It’s tough to block that time out for social media. Sometimes, business owners can only find time on the weekends or in the evenings, which can take its toll on your work/life balance.

This is one of many ways I help my clients.

They don’t have time to work on their social media, and so they outsource it to me to handle for them. In the meantime, they continue to work on bringing in more clients and focusing on the work they love to do (while I get to do the work I love to do!).

How does it work?

It always begins with getting some background information, I get a general idea of the kinds of things a client might like to share with their followers.

Sometimes they have an overall business theme, or sometimes they focus on one particular theme each month. Either way, with this information, I’m able to curate content and compile it into one document.

I prefer to have approval before scheduling anything, so I do ask my clients to check things out before I schedule anything. This gives them the opportunity to make suggestions and make the content sound like it’s truly coming from them. This is an important part of the process because it gives us a chance to communicate, and brainstorm ideas.

Once everything is approved, I start scheduling the content.

I plan social media out a month in advance. This leaves no gaps in the flow of content my clients are sharing.

The benefits

This process saves my clients loads of time and the headache of always finding new things to share. I do encourage my clients to have their own blog articles to share in the mix, as well. This helps their website’s SEO and gives them a chance to connect with their potential clients. (I offer blog support as well).

This improves work/life balance for my clients because they are still being active on social media. They aren’t giving up time with friends, family or their business. It keeps them front and center with their potential clients. It’s truly win-win.

If any of this resonates with you, consider booking a free consultation call with me, and let’s overcome this challenge together.