If you’re a small business owner, you very likely have a website. If your website has a blog, how frequently you post plays a large part in your website’s SEO.

Blogs are crucial to business websites because not only is it an outlet for you to reach your potential clients, you can use it to talk about what you do. Google LOVES blogs, and blogging on a regular basis helps your local SEO, if you’re using the right keywords within your posts.

I help my clients with their blog posts on a regular basis. Some posts are published weekly, some are every two weeks and others are once a month. Regardless of how frequently you write a post, the point is to be consistent. So if you want to share a blog post every week, it’s more helpful to write extra posts. By staying ahead of the game, it can take the creative pressure off. It’s also great in the summer months when you go on vacation.

How I Can Help

It’s crucial that your blog posts sound like you, so I encourage my clients to write about their products and services.

Some good rules of thumb:

  • make the average blog post about 500 words long
  • include a keyword that is mentioned a number of times throughout the post

Keywords should not be repeated from blog post to blog post, so this is where some of the creativity comes in.

Blog posts shine when an image or two is included.

Installing the Yoast SEO plugin is extremely helpful when it comes to boosting a blog post’s SEO.

Sometimes, meeting those SEO requirements means editing and formatting to make everything as SEO-ready as possible, so be prepared for some small changes.

Another Way I Help

Sometimes, my clients don’t really have the time to write a blog post, and that’s okay too!

I’ve also been asked to write the basic blog post, and send it along to the client. This way, they can make it sound like themselves. This is a system that really does work both ways!

If your website’s blog isn’t as active as it could be, I can help. Book a free consultation call with me and let’s see how I can help.