January is often referred to as a fresh start, or a clean slate. There’s really nothing better than looking at the new year in front of you and making plans for how you’re going to spend it.


This is also the perfect time for cleaning house, so to speak. Your business may also need some refreshing, so here are some ideas:


Inbox Detox


Many companies are updating their policies and will be sending you emails to let you know about upcoming changes for 2022. This is a fantastic time to review who you do and do not want to hear from. Be ruthless with that unsubscribe button, and you’ll enjoy less junk in your inbox in the New Year.


Refresh your social media


If you are using an evergreen content scheduler, and it’s been cycling through the same stuff for the last year, consider updating the text and the images you’re using. This is especially true if you haven’t yet incorporated your newest head shot yet.


Review your social media connections


This is pretty self-explanatory but it’s a good time to review your connections and remove any that don’t serve you.

Review your social media ‘groups’


Have you had a peek at how many groups you’ve joined on social media? You may be surprised to see just how many you’re in. This is the perfect time to decide if they still serve you. Removing yourself from groups that no longer apply to you or your business will clean up your social media feeds and reduce the clutter (and probably some stress, too!)


Update your website’s backend


Check for updates for your plugins and site builder. Then add this task to your calendar so you’re reminded to do this on a regular basis.


Beat the January Blues


Make some fun plans for the first couple of weeks in January. December is incredibly busy, full of get-togethers and festivities, which inevitably brings on the January Blues. By planning a few fun activities in January, you’ll ease into a slower social schedule rather than be thrown abruptly into it.


It’s important to regularly cull things from our lives that are no longer as important as they once were – this can encourage growth and promote good mental health. I really hope you’ve found these tips to be helpful, and I wish GREAT things for you in the coming year.


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