Should you have a business newsletter?

If you choose to send out a monthly newsletter, it’s a good way to inform your subscribers of what’s new in your industry, and your upcoming projects. It’s also a good way to subtly keep in touch.

But what should you put in it?

I help various clients with their newsletters and they’re all pretty similar. Read on for some tips:

Industry News

It’s always smart to be in the know when it comes to your industry. It’s even better when you share some of the knowledge with your subscribers. Sharing breaking news or statistics in your field is a smart way to go. (Hint – a VA can research this for you!)

Your Newest Projects

What are you and your team working on? What has you excited? Sharing news about your latest works is great to share, and if you can take some behind-the-scenes photos, even better!

Latest Blog Posts

This is important for driving traffic to your website, assuming, of course, you have a blog. (Check out my post on why you should have a blog!)


There’s nothing smarter than drawing attention to your services. Repeatedly. Because people can forget what you do, or how you can help them. Sometimes you have t be a little bit in-their-face to remind them, and a newsletter achieves this.

Speaking Engagements/Product Release

Will you be at a conference? Do you have a new product in the works or coming out soon? This is the perfect stage for building excitement and gaining traction for the actual event.

Social Media Links

Invite your audience to connect with you outside of your newsletter. Letting them know that they can get the inside scoop outside of a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is often incentive enough. Once they connect with you, make sure to interact with them if they ask questions or comment on posts/tweets.

A Funny Image or Thoughtful Quote

Showing your personality is important, and can help convince potential customers/clients that you’re human. People like working with people, right?

Invitation to Ask Questions

A newsletter is an important form of communication, but it should be a two-way street. Always invite your subscribers to ask questions or comment on articles you’ve shared.

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