Updated October 2020.



Thank goodness for Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, the makers of YouTube. Where would we be without YouTube?

Or, video in general?

Working virtually is a challenge on its own, but it can get tricky when you’re working with multiple clients and new tasks you’ve not done before.

Even though I personally prefer email over any other form of communication, when it comes to instructions, I’d much rather have someone record instructions as a video and send it to me, especially if it’s not convenient to have a conversation.

Human error has yet to be abolished, unfortunately, so whenever a client asks me if I’d prefer that they send me a video, I always, wholeheartedly, say yes.

It’s true that one can go back and refer to emails, but personally, I’d prefer a recording.

Loom is a terrific tool to use to record your screen and walk through a process. Check it out: www.loom.com.



Why Video Instructions are Beneficial

I prefer these when it comes to instructions. I’ll watch it and make my notes during the video. Then I can refer back to it later if something in my notes doesn’t make sense. I can watch it and re-watch it until I can execute the task perfectly.

The best part is being able to refer to it again and again if need be. If I can do that, instead of emailing my client for more information, that’s the path I’d prefer to take.

Looking to outsource to a virtual assistant? Definitely consider recording video instructions when presenting a new task, if it’s feasible for you and your business.

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