I asked myself this very question shortly after receiving a notification that my then-Acer laptop would no longer receive support for Windows 7 (yup, really – Windows 10 is the devil in my book!).

The idea of using a Chromebook and working from the cloud is an intriguing one, for sure. There are some pros and cons, though, so let’s look at those:


The Pros of Chromebooks


Chromebooks are fast

They boot up pretty much immediately. Being a computer that’s basically just a browser makes it super fast to load, and being cloud-based means no applications or backups to run. Speaking of applications…


 They’re web-based

Consider the applications you use day in and day out, both for personal and business tasks. If the majority of your daily applications are web-based, then a Chromebook may be a perfect choice for you. All of your Chrome bookmarks and shortcuts will be there as soon as you log in.


They’re safe

As in, they are virtually un-hackable. It’s true! Check out this article. That means you won’t need a separate anti-virus, which in turn means there are no background applications eating up space and memory.


 Chromebooks are lightweight

Which makes them perfect for working while travelling. While they come in different screen sizes, the most compact ones are perfect to pick and and change your location, so bring on the coffee shops and libraries!


The Cons of Chromebooks

Unfortunately, there are a few cons to having and using a Chromebook, as I’ve discovered myself:


You’ll need a cloud-ready printer

Unfortunately, they do not connect with your regular printer, so it’s necessary to purchase a cloud-ready printer. Alternately, you can save your files to Google Drive and print another time, from a computer that is connected to a printer.


They offer limited USB ports

This isn’t a huge problem if you purchase a USB hub and connect it to your Chromebook.


You can’t install applications on a Chromebook

As an example for me, personally, the FTP program I use can’t be installed on a Chromebook, but there are others I could use. There are usually alternate applications that can be used in place of your regular apps that will do the same job.


Chromebooks need upgrading, too

My first Chromebook eventually wouldn’t support multiple logins to Canva… and Canva couldn’t help. It took me a ridiculously long time to figure out that the entire login issue was due to my Chromebook being out of date. Then it started to affect other logins. Check with your manufacturer to see when your Chromebook will be due for an upgrade.


In summary, I’ve been using a Chromebook since mid-2019 and I love the flexibility it’s given me. I can access everything I need to get the job done. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use system that’s portable and fun, I recommend a Chromebook.

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