I left my steady job (with benefits, vacation time and paid breaks) and walked out into the unknown with excitement (and fear) in the pit of my stomach.

As May of each year rolls around, I always look back at where I was and how far I’ve come. The funny thing is, I’ve actually been a VA for much longer, I just didn’t know it.

I believe in women helping women and have made it my focus to help other women succeed in their careers. I know how challenging it can be to juggle home life, child-rearing, appointments, and social activities. Somehow, we manage to get it all done, but it’s hard work!

Recently I came to the conclusion that maybe I’m good at being a VA because I’ve actually been doing it for years before even knowing what it was. Ladies, I’m sure you can definitely relate:

Calendar Management

I’ve set up the doctor, dentist and other various appointments for myself and my family.

Event planning

Usually, women are responsible for setting up social activities with friends and family. This ranges from date nights, family activities, birthday parties and so much more.

Research & Maintaining Cost Effectiveness

Let’s not forget the incredible task of meal planning, and scoping out deals, coupons, and flyers. We have to make sure that everyone gets fed and that they’re actually going to eat it, without having to throw food out.

Delegation & Management

Housecleaning should never be a one-person job. Even when you enlist the help of your family, there’s still supervision and direction being given.


Factor in the phone calls, emails and text messages to our significant others about all those plans, activities and appointments. Let’s not forget Skype or Facetime with loved ones!

Human Resources

No one has a perfect relationship and this is especially true of siblings. “He looked at me!”, “She’s breathing on me!” Ugh… can’t we all just get along?


Women almost always seem to know where everything is located. We are the household directory: we’re forever telling our kids or significant others where to find stuff.

Image Creation

Chances are, you’ve seen those family photos on social media where the family is all matchy-matchy or at the very least, colour-coordinated. The result? Epic photos!

Social Media Management

We are proud of our families, so it only makes sense to share those photos with all of our family and friends. We used to order a portrait package and give each family a picture. Nowadays, we share those photos on Facebook or Instagram and simply tag our family and friends.

This year, I have to give credit where credit is due – I’ve been preparing for the VA lifestyle pretty much all of my married life. I definitely have the experience and have been fine-tuning it for three years so far.

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