I walked away from 15 years in retail (admin) and into the unknown.

For the first time in my professional life, I was able to call the shots. I decided when to do what and if I chose to do it in my pjs, I could, and I did. I don’t do it often now, but having the option is quite a perk! Having lunch with a friend from time to time is a real bonus for me. The best part, though, is that I love the work.

What I Learned

I learned how to work with spreadsheets, make a slideshow, set up a mailing list opt-in on a website and create a newsletter and schedule it. I learned how to track changes in a WordPerfect document, and how to convert the document to Microsoft Word. Also, I figured out how to create PDFs in Canva and to send a document to my printer to create one. I also figured out how to self-publish an e-book on Amazon, and run promos for it.

I managed to figure out how to set up a YouTube channel, not to mention convert a slideshow into a video.

I also learned how social media schedulers work – and how they don’t, sometimes.

How I’ve Grown

I have grown as a person, and I learned to think like a business owner. I determined what is non-negotiable as far as terms and conditions are.

I learned to have difficult conversations, but I’ve also been able to celebrate several victories. I’ve had people tell me they wish they could do what I’m doing. (Um, you CAN!)

My clients are strong, independent women who are focused and successful. I admire each one of them and hope they know how much I appreciate the chance to work with them.

The best part about being a virtual assistant is that it’s not just a learning opportunity for me, but also for my clients. We are learning from one another and it’s been awesome to add new skills to my knowledge base.

It Doesn’t Stop There

I discovered that I don’t need to know everything about everything in order to be a successful virtual assistant. I have a large, supportive team backing me up, a group of like-minded women that I’m thankful to network with every day. Without those women (and Google), I wouldn’t be here today.

Some say that being a virtual assistant is a lonely job. I suppose that’s true for some people. For myself, I’ve not been lonely once this past year. I have peace and quiet when I want it, or I can blare the music when I want to. I can jump on a Zoom call and interact with other VAs online.

I’m proud of what I accomplished in my first year, and I know it can only get better.

No regrets.

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