One major task I relieve my clients of is planning and scheduling their social media. I do this a month in advance, generally, and my clients can approve or deny anything in the plan well ahead of time.

I talk a little about this in another post, which you can find here.

But you might be wondering, “What types of content go into a general social media plan?” This is an excellent question, one that is asked often, too. In this post, I’ll answer that question.

Blog Posts

If clients have a blog, I wholeheartedly recommend that they include their blog posts in their social media plan. Blog posts should be written and published on a regular basis and this is because they help out tremendously with your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).

What should blogs posts be about, exactly? Anything that the target audience would find helpful or interesting.

Quick Tips

I love the idea of offering helpful advice for free to build up trust with an audience. By offering small free tips, clients can build trust with their target audience, which in turn, will sell their product.

These tips can be taken from a client’s published book, blog articles they’ve written, or simply researched online.

Blog Articles Written By Others

I’m a big fan of sharing content authored by others, but only if my audience would likely find the information to be useful. I recommend that my clients do this, as well, because, let’s be honest, your social media isn’t all about you, no matter what you might think.

By sharing the limelight this way, you’re not “all about you” and “in their face” with your business and/or services.


Many of my clients are coaches and love to share motivational or inspirational quotes. They often have a collection of quotes hiding somewhere, either digitally or on random pieces of paper. I’ll also add to this collection if asked.

I open a Canva account for my clients and create a few different templates for them to check out, or ask them to send me images that appeal to them, and then I’ll recreate the style. I brand the images with a logo, website or contact information and add them into the social media mix.

It’s smart to link these images to a contact page.

Holidays/Special Dates

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or Hug Your Pet Day (no joke, it’s really a thing!), most of my clients like to acknowledge these dates by sharing an image to celebrate it. Usually, there are hashtags to go with (just search Twitter, and you’ll find there’s one for just about any holiday).

Again, I’ll create these in the client’s Canva account and make sure they’re approved before scheduling them.

Promoting Business

This is last on the list, and for good reason. While clients love to shout from the rooftops about their business, it’s much smarter to keep it on the down low. roughly 10 percent of social media posts should be about promoting business.

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