As a virtual assistant who helps clients to manage their social media, I tend to notice little things like what types of things businesses are posting and how often.

Recently, I noticed a local business (no names here!) was sharing on Instagram, but it was only once a week, sometimes even longer. This company has plenty of products and many other things they could use for their Instagram account, but weren’t. They were also in the midst of a website overhaul, which didn’t help matters. Their Instagram followers had decent numbers but the follower counts weren’t growing. There was also minimal interaction with followers, and, to build a sense of community, a business should include their community.

With the many social media platforms out there in this day and age, it can be tough to know where to focus the efforts, and the general rule of thumb is to be where your potential clients are. Not all businesses are guaranteed to be successful on all platforms, and that is perfectly fine.

Once you find the magic platform or two, though, the world’s your oyster.

Next Steps

A company like the one I was referring to, with their numerous products, and a new delivery program being launched,  a perfect plan for this company was to not only post once a day (at least) on Instagram, but to include photos of their customers (with permission, of course) and asking them if it’s okay to tag them in these Instagram posts. In turn, these customers might be more inclined to return the favour, tagging their supplier in future posts.

And, the best part… followers will grow for both, once the interaction is more consistent.

The good news is that it’s not a lost cause. It doesn’t matter what your current standing is in your social media, there is always a chance to improve and gain more visibility.

A business that sells products has many social media sharing options. Posting flyers on social media, ask questions, taking polls and share photos of the products.

I know one gentleman who sells Isogenix and he takes pictures all the time. He takes pictures of the products, people who have just joined his team, and places he’s traveled to because of the business. He is a great example of how businesses can mix things up. His inspirational photos and quotes don’t go unnoticed either.

One of my clients loves photography, and I adore image design. So it was a perfect match when she sent me a batch of her own photos along with quotes she liked. I was able to create social media-ready images and plug them into her scheduler. Awesome!

In conclusion

Figuring out what platform you should use for your business is only the first step. It’s important to also really think about the types of content you’ll be sharing. A restaurant’s perfect platform is definitely Instagram, whereas a roofing company might be better on Facebook.

And don’t be afraid to experiment with various platforms. If you find that one isn’t performing well after a few months, get rid of the account and focus on another one.

Lastly, ALWAYS reply to your customers and followers. It’s important that they know you’re listening because that fact alone will encourage them to keep coming back for more.

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