I’ll start this blog post by saying – *I KNOW* how ironic it is that I sell printable planners and I’m about to talk to you about a reusable planner.

Yup, but I’ve just gotta talk about this amazing product because it’s saving me a TON of paper!

I received a Rocketbook Fusion as an early Christmas gift from my husband and I couldn’t be more thrilled…


So what *IS* a Rocketbook?

In short, it’s a reusable notebook.

The long answer? It’s a planner with various types of pages that can be written on with Frixion erasable pens (one is supplied). The notes are scanned and sent to your favourite cloud service via the app. Then the pages can be wiped clean with a little water and a microfiber cloth (supplied).

I’ve been using it since early November and I swear by it because I take a LOT of notes by hand while I’m in client meetings


How it works

The Rocketbook comes in many formats, so be sure to view them before purchasing if you’re considering buying one. You will want one that is best suited for your individual needs.

It only works with Frixion erasable pens. You can find these at most stationery stores or on Amazon.

You may have to wait a few moments for the ink to dry before closing the book.

There are several icons along the bottom, and QR codes on each page. The icons are used to tell the Rocketbook smartphone app where to send your page scans. When setting up your Rocketbook, you’ll also set up scan destinations. These could be Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You can even set up a destination as an email address. So if you want to email your scans, you simply designate one of the icons to be your (or someone else’s) email address.

Each icon represents one of those destinations, and your scan will magically appear in the destination you’ve set up when you hit SEND.


How to erase a page

Rocketbook suggests keeping a small spray bottle filled with water close by so that you can erase as necessary. Just spray the microfiber cloth with a little water, wipe the page clean, then wipe with a dry area of the same cloth. The microfiber cloths are machine washable.


But wait, there’s more

Yes-sirree, there’s more. You can set up your scans to automatically be transcribed, so that when your notes reach their destination, you will have a copy of what you’ve written, exactly as you’ve written it, PLUS a transcribed version that is fully editable online. Handy!


Organizing your notes

While Rocketbook is always working to improve their product, this is something that’s pretty cool. While you could manually title your notes just before you send it to your destination, you can also use the double hashtag trick.

If you sandwich the title of your note between two sets of two hashtags, your note will be titled whatever is in between the double hashtags. The hashtags disappear when the scan reaches its destination! For example: ##This is my awesome title##


Some of the downsides

I read a lot of reviews before deciding to ask Santa for this notebook. One of the major complaints folks had was the length of time it takes for the ink to dry. I haven’t personally been bothered by this but I can see how it could be a problem if you’re taking a lot of notes in one sitting..

Other complaints were about having no way to conveniently tote the pen and cloth with the notebook. I think this is a simple fix – just buy a small pencil case and water bottle at the dollar store and toss the items into your bag or computer carrying case.

I am very happy with this notebook. It suits my needs and has already saved a lot of paper.


I hope you’ve found this blog post helpful – and I’d love to hear if you purchase one for yourself!


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