Coaches: tell me that the term ‘self-care’ doesn’t immediately bring an image of candles and bubble baths to mind…?

Spa days are great, obviously – we could all use more of those in our lives, but that doesn’t define self-care – not in my opinion, anyway!

Coaches, you’re responsible for helping and healing others. You give SO much of yourself to others, and as the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. That means that you have to be in a good place YOURSELF before you can even think about helping someone else.

How can you do that? I have some ideas:


Check-in with yourself daily

This is important: self-care begins with carving out time for yourself daily – even if for just 5 minutes. Get still and quiet and really look into yourself. What’s coming up for you?

Commit to making the time and creating the space for this important first step in self-care to happen.


Listen to yourself

Pay attention to what your mind, body and soul are telling you. What needs your attention? What is being neglected?

Self-care means getting into the habit of sitting in solitude and really listening to what your body and mind are telling you.


Define your needs

If you’re feeling tired, it’s important that you rest – so take a nap or plan a day off. If you’re feeling something negative or off about a relationship, it may be that you need to have a conversation to clear the air.

Listening to our true selves can never steer us wrong when it comes to self-care – the trick is to pay attention, closely. But awareness isn’t going to fix anything by itself – taking action is key – it’s the only way you can feel better.

The more frequently you practice listening to yourself, the quicker and easier it comes. In turn, that means you can take action quickly and be well on your way to caring for others.

Think about what you advise your clients, and then listen to that advice for yourself. By going through these steps, you’ll develop some healthy habits for self-care that you will pass over to your clients – because you’ll be a shining example of your own advice.

And a bubble bath never hurt anyone… 😉

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