My hourly rate is $27/hour. I track all time spent on your project and send a copy of the time report with my invoice, which is bi-weekly for hourly work, or at the end of the month for retainer clients.


Various retainer packages are available and can be amended to your individual needs.


Why choose a retainer package? Retainer clients not only receive priority attention over hourly serviced-clients, meaning you can cross your tasks off the list sooner, rather than later. In addition, clients receive an hourly discount when they sign up for a monthly retainer.


Megabyte Retainer – 5 hours/month

This package guarantees 5 hours over the course of the month, which are dedicated to tasks to move your business forward.

As I near the end of your retainer hours, I’ll send an email to give you a heads up, and we can discuss how to move forward.

Gigabyte Retainer – 10 hours/month

Similar to the Megabyte Retainer, this guarantees 10 hours over the course of the month.

As I near the end of your allotted time, I’ll send an email advising you of where I’m at, and we can discuss our progress.

Terabyte Retainer – 15 hours/month

This package guarantees 15 hours over the course of the month, which are dedicated to moving your business forward.


As always, should there be more work than hours left in the month, I’ll be sure to give you advance notice and we can discuss options.

What if I require more time?

I’m happy to discuss your business needs, and I’m confident we can work something out that fits your budget.



This package includes keyword research, writing, proofreading and formatting your content.
I’ll also source & create images, brand images with your logo, schedule your posts for publication and update your website plugins and themes.


This includes mailing list set-up, newsletter design, sourcing content, writing/proofreading/formatting content, scheduling, updating subscriber lists.

*Must meet GDPR guidelines. Learn more about GDPR here.

Social Media Support

This includes account set-up, image creation/branding, sourcing content, posting/scheduling content.


(Third-party scheduling applications help with scheduling, however, require a monthly fee, which the client is responsible for.)

Contact me:


54-39 Pinewoods Dr.

Stoney Creek, ON  L8J3Z4



Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday  ~ 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Closed weekends and all Canadian statutory holidays.

Hours are subject to change.

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