How often do you look at your social media bios?

If you can’t remember the last time you updated your info, it’s probably a good idea to do so.

It doesn’t matter how many social media profiles you (or your business) are on, there is one key aspect that should apply to all of them:


Start this process by taking 15 minutes to take a look at the bios in all of your social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram… even Snapchat, and any others. (Check out this post to see if your business should be on all social media platforms) Here’s what you need to look at:


Is your name or title the same across the board? If you are known as HeyBetty on Twitter, Instagram shouldn’t say something completely different.

Make sure that your name is the same on each and every profile.


You should never make your audience guess at whether it’s you when they search for you on a social media platform. Just like your name, your profiles should have the same photo in each.

Try not to make your photo your logo, either. People do business with people and want to see YOU. There are plenty of other areas to place your logo, your account photo should not be it.


If you were looking for yourself on social media, what kinds of keywords would you be searching for? Make a short list of the most important keywords that you would want people to associate with you. Keep this list handy for later, because on profiles that accept hashtags, you’re going to want to use the most important keywords as hashtags.

Don’t Ignore Your “About”

Once again, if you were searching for yourself, what would make you want to connect with that person? If you are promoting your business, this would be the area to tell a little about yourself, and definitely about your business. More importantly, how your business can help potential customers.

Who is Your Audience?

It’s important that you (or your business) stand out from the crowd when it comes to social media. When you build an online presence, you’re adding your experience, your personality and most of all, your brand into your presence. You need to find a way to take all of this and incorporate it into your bios, which will pave the way for future business/contacts.

It’s a good idea to determine who your audience is:

  • What kind of people is your business trying to attract?
  • A potential client’s problem that your business can solve?
  • What does your audience need from your business?

Next, figure out what you can market:

  • Favourite tasks to do
  • Accomplishments you’re most proud of
  • Favourite way to communicate

Take your list and condense it as much as you can. You should end up with a brief description of what you do for your business.

How to Use This Stuff as a Bio

Now you should have a title for yourself, a standard photo, a list of keywords/hashtags, a brief “About” description, and a short description of who you help, what problems you solve and how you can help a potential client.

This is how you should craft your social media bio:

  • Choose your most favourite task from your list… what is your passion? The one thing you would do even if you didn’t get paid to do it?
  • Describe the type of person you help.
  • List what you do better than anyone.

Favourite Task + Ideal Client + Your Fix = YOUR SHINY NEW BIO!

It might be tricky to fit it all into your bio area, but it can be done if you’re strategic about it. Using keywords as hashtags can help people when they are searching for those keywords, but hashtags don’t work on all platforms.

I have a handy hashtag download. Download it for free here.

Consistency is key, and while not every platform should look identical, the similarities should leave no doubt in your audience’s mind that you’re you on various platforms.

I can help you craft a terrific bio for your social media platforms. Book a free consultation call with me and let’s talk.