Social media management and social media support are not the same thing. Do you know the difference?


Social Media Management

Managing social media involves an in-depth review of a social media account, developing and implementing a strategy to build growth. It involves careful monitoring and tweaking in order to gain the achieved growth that a business desires.

A social media manager has taken courses and understands the science behind social media efforts. They work hard to stay in front of algorithm changes with each platform and understand how best to implement changes to the strategy in order to beat the algorithms.

This is not to say that results are guaranteed, and it also doesn’t mean being on the first page of Google overnight. Social media is slow, unfortunately, and does require a “basting” period, and consistency. What works for some platforms or businesses won’t necessarily work for others. Even if two businesses are the same and run by the same manager.


Social Media Support

Support means just that: support.

Keeping an eye on analytics on any platform is just smart business. Efforts need to be measured in order to see which platforms are working and what content is producing the best outcome.

I offer support to my clients by building up consistency. I firmly believe in building up an online presence first and foremost. Sharing content from other people, while sharing their original content is key. I also encourage clients to share things like helpful tips (because I believe in drawing people in with free advice when possible), motivational quotes, along with any upcoming events they will be hosting.

In general, I develop a social media content calendar, one month at a time, and include images, captions, hashtags and links. I also share holiday greetings on their behalf.

I don’t believe VAs should engage with a client’s audience, and here’s why:

No one knows your audience as YOU do. Also, no one knows your BUSINESS as you do.

While it’s easy to like/share/retweet on a client’s behalf, the most important part about social media is BEING social, and I believe that a client should definitely be engaging with their own audience because they know their products/services/audience better than a VA would.


Sometimes it’s difficult to know the difference between the two roles, so I really hope this blog post has helped to clear it up.


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