Recently, in a Facebook group for VAs, a fellow VA, who was struggling with her social media, posted that she was looking for help with SmarterQueue – one of my favourite social media schedulers. I’d missed the post and another fellow VA tagged me in a comment. I got in touch with the author of the post and we scheduled a chat to discuss what she was looking for.


Changing Systems


At the time, she’d been using Hootsuite and had a social media calendar set up in her business calendar, it contained several layers, one for each platform she was using. It was a very well-thought-out system, and extremely organized. The problem was, Hootsuite doesn’t play well with evergreen content, and she was struggling with having to invest a lot of time in topping up Hootsuite to make sure her posts were always going out. She was time-strapped and just couldn’t keep up.

She’d set up a trial for SmarterQueue and was looking for assistance with transferring all her posts from her spreadsheet to SQ.

I explained that while the initial set-up could take some time, after it was set up within SQ, all that was required afterward was general maintenance. Once I got started, it was hard for me to put the project down!


Full Steam Ahead!


We had everything set up, and she was absolutely thrilled. I did explain that the one drawback was that she has to pay attention to her Twitter posts.

Twitter shows the same post as a retweet, making the content look recycled, rather than fresh. I explained that she would need to tend to this periodically and update each tweet, just by changing a word or two in each, to avoid this.

A couple of months later, she asked me if I’d like to work together again – she wanted my help with maintaining the freshness of her content, and had some help with rewording some of her content, and needed it updated. I was so excited to continue working with a VA I admired tremendously, doing the kind of work I truly enjoyed.


SmarterQueue Can Benefit Your Business


If you haven’t read about the benefits of using SmarterQueue for scheduling your social media, you may be interested in reading this blog post I recently wrote.

If you’re interested in a trial of SmarterQueue, please check it out here.


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