Updated October 2020.

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” -Jim Rohn
Isn’t it interesting to watch a building go up?
A couple of years ago, heading to school, my son and I noticed a house under construction along our path. Over the summer, construction crews had demolished the pre-existing house. They excavated and began the foundation. When school started, they were beginning the roof.

Over the next several weeks, we noted the updates and changes to the house. Week by week. Day by day. The crew was trying to get as much of the outside work done as possible before the snow started falling.
The roofers completed and shingled the roof. Next, they installed windows and doors. Then they poured the garage floor. Next, they started the brickwork. Parts of the front exterior seemed to have portions “missing”. My son asked me about that, and I said I thought it was for stucco. Sure enough, the following day, a team of guys were on scaffolding and applying stucco. Skids of tiles arrived.
As the weeks went by, I found myself even telling my husband about the progress with the house. The house was huge, to say the least, so it was definitely a big project. Every day, as my son and I avoided the big chunks of mud on the street left behind from the trucks at the construction site, I thought about how cool it is that each development happens in a particular order.

Building a house is like building a business

The same goes for any business. Several small steps lead to awesome end results.
As a virtual assistant, sometimes I get to peek at a client’s business and see what else goes on behind the scenes. It’s interesting to meet other parts of the team.
When you’re one little part of a project, it can be difficult to understand the ‘big picture’, especially if you don’t interact with other parts of the project. And, not unlike construction, it’s a challenge to wait for other parts to be completed before you can do your part. When it all comes together in the end, it’s an amazing feeling.
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