13 Ways to Avoid Sudden File Loss

13 Ways to Avoid Sudden File Loss

You’re in a time crunch for a big presentation with a client. You’re not sure, but you think you ate a meal today. You KNOW you haven’t slept much. Who can sleep when the pressure’s on? But this presentation has to get done, you just have one more point to address in that report and you’re all set. You come back from grabbing a coffee and access the computer file you need to work on.

But where is it?

You saved it, it was right here, in THIS folder on your hard drive. But you can’t seem to see the file.

What’s going on?

A restart of your system confirms what you’ve been dreading. The file is gone, along with several others in the same location.

Time to pull an all-nighter, because you have to do the whole thing over again.