When I began my virtual assistant life, I thought no one would hire me because I’d had no testimonials. It’s kind of like that conundrum, you can’t get a job without experience, and you can’t get experience without a job.

Thankfully, I had co-workers who were only too happy to help me out. I received some great testimonials to start me off, and as my business grew, I received more and more.

The reason that testimonials are so important is that they are social currency, it’s a form of proof that you’re as good as you say you are. A good testimonial is worth its weight in gold because it will bring more customers.

Just as testimonials are important for my business, I’ve also recognized how important they are for my client’s businesses.

Being a creative VA, I often recommend to my clients that they use the testimonials they’ve received and put them out there. When someone says you’re great, you need to share that with the world!

I like to create beautiful testimonial images for my clients and share them via social media. I’ll usually link it back to their website, usually to a services page or a contact page. If they have a testimonial page set up on their website, I’ll direct people to that page. It’s as easy as saying something like, “Click here to read what others have had to say about my services…”

It can be tough to ask for a testimonial, but social proof has never been so important. But it’s important to have a stack of great testimonials under your belt. So, bite the bullet, and drop your latest customer a quick email asking if they would mind leaving some feedback. A link to where you’d like them to leave it is also helpful. Good luck!

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