Recently, I was in a situation that made me feel bad for folks who need virtual assistance.

I think there’s a certain etiquette involved in any sort of business situation. If you’re asked a specific question, give the answer to that question.

One of my clients needed help with something that I was not very familiar with. I don’t believe in telling someone I can do something if I can’t. This has the potential of being a sticky situation by itself. Providing good customer service means finding a way to get the job done. Even if you can’t do it personally.

I reached out to my virtual assistant tribe and got a couple of bites from VAs who were in a position to help my client. I had Facebook conversations with these individuals and made sure I asked for their contact information, to pass along to my client.

One individual, when asked for her email address, decided to give me her website URL and said I could find it there.


I didn’t feel she was very professional. A lack of etiquette can turn people away.

Virtual assistants should never do this, in my opinion. I feel it’s off-putting and unprofessional. A virtual assistant should be making things as easy as humanly possible for any potential client. I don’t have time to go searching for this info. Why would a potential client?

The entire reason why someone is looking for help is that they don’t have time.

“Check out my website for contact info” will just turn the potential client off.  I believe that if you are already in a conversation, just give the information straight up.

It’s good business and a good form of business etiquette.

Don’t settle for anyone who does this to you!

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