While I help my clients with many various aspects of their businesses, one of the most enjoyable tasks I get to perform is working within Canva and creating social media images.

My day is MADE when a few different clients all need this work done on the same day 🥰

Here’s how I work:

With Clients Who Have An Existing Canva Account

For clients who have an established Canva account, it’s simply a matter of having the client share their login information with me, and this is usually done via LastPass. Once I log in, I can easily get to work.

With Clients Who Do NOT Have An Existing Account

For clients who do not have a Canva account, I’m happy to set up an account for them, and then I promptly send them the login information.

Canva Organization

I believe in keeping things as organized as possible, so if I need to create images for several platforms, I’ll often name the projects after the platform those particular images are created for. I also like to keep similar images within one single project – it just keeps Canva tidy!

To get started, it works one of two ways:

1. The client will have me research possible quotes or helpful tips, based on their business, brand or message.

2. The client will have a document they share with me, such as Google Docs, with the information I’ll need. They will often let me know the types of images they’re looking to use (one client prefers soft nature images, whereas another client likes anything with pink or purple). I also have clients that prefer I match the images to the message itself – so if it’s a tip about saving time, I may choose a stopwatch or timepiece as the background image.

Once I’ve created the series of images, I’ll copy the link to the project in Canva, and send the client an email with the link included. This simplifies the process of client approval – their time is precious and anything I can do to help with that is always appreciated.

Pending Approval

At this point, my clients have an opportunity to review the work I’ve completed and suggest changes and tweaks. I post nothing to social media without full client approval.

Next Steps

When I get the go-ahead, I’ll use whatever method works best for the client to schedule the posts to their favourite social media channels. One of my favourite social media scheduling tools is SmarterQueue (affiliate link, if you choose to create an account, we both receive compensation if you sign up for a paid plan).



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