If you’re considering not having a blog on your website, you might be making a big mistake.

While not having a blog on your website isn’t necessarily life or death for your business, it’s certainly an important aspect to consider if you want to help drive traffic to your website and keep your content fresh.


Whether you post once a month or once a week, blogging is beneficial when it comes to Google, because Google uses an algorithm that determines “freshness” of your content. By blogging regularly, you stay in Google’s good graces, and keeps your website from becoming “old news.”


Regardless of your business, you have a niche. Expanding your niche helps you to cover a wide variety of topics when you’re writing your blog posts. This, in turn, allows you to incorporate many types of media on your website, by using videos, quotes, slideshows and any other types of content that will help drive traffic to your website. (Insider tip – by using various Google tools within your blog posts – such as maps, YouTube videos, etc. – your site moves further up Google’s “Favourites” list. Google loves Google!)

More Pages Are Indexed

Search engines count each indexed blog post as one page. The more you blog, the more pages you have out there. While this might not necessarily help your website’s ratings, it puts more pages out there for potential customers to find your website.


By ensuring that you have social share buttons handy on your blog, you are encouraging a powerful tool: link-building. Sharing provides exposure, which encourages more web traffic. Share, share, share! The more your content is shared, the better!

In Summary

If you want to nail SEO, putting a blog on your website is a step in the right direction. Maintaining it on a regular basis is a sure-fire way of getting your brand out there.

One more tip… adding content that is always relevant means less upkeep, and that you can share it over your own social media channels indefinitely.

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