That word seems to pop up just about everywhere. Did you know though, that it’s not just for bloggers? More and more websites are being built using WordPress. But WordPress.com and WordPress.org are the same, right? No.

There is a world of difference.

.com is terrific for new bloggers or businesses who are just starting out, where everything is free to use, and even the support forums are fantastic. The problem with using .com is that they own your blog, and they can remove it anytime they like, and they can put their advertising on your blog.

When I purchased my own domain for my blog and signed up for hosting, I knew I had to install WordPress on my server before I could even think about transferring anything from my blog to my new domain.

But if you purchase a domain (don’t do it through WordPress.com either!) no one can put advertising there except you. All of the material is your own.

The other major difference between the two is, if you go with .com, your domain will always have “wordpress.com” in it.

Say you purchased “www.mydomain.com“. It will always be “www.mydomain.com“. However, with .com, your “site” belongs to them, and they claim ownership in your URL, so www.mydomain.com would be “www.mydomain.wordpress.com“. See the difference?

There are so many options out there, and there is nothing wrong with directing people to your LinkedIn profile (you DO have one, right?), and many businesses have turned to Wix.com to make amazing-looking websites, for free. But to stay as professional as possible, with an email address customized for your business, self-hosting is the way to go.

And remember those support forums? .org has them too, and they are a terrific help for whenever you have a question. Someone somewhere has probably asked the same question, just type your question into a search engine and you will have an answer on the results page.

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